Stress At Work? Don’t Be Anymore With These Helpful Tips

Times are difficult right now. Pressure is on at work. Timelines to meet. Objectives to tackle. Meetings upon meetings. Performance reviews.  It doesn't stop. Day after day. So here is the magic questions: Did you take a moment for yourself? A quick walk? Healthy eating habits? Yoga? Work-out? Meditation? Prayer> If the answers to all above are simply silence - then that's okay. It's a sign to take control of your life and get back on track. I know I have to. So easy to preach - but … [Read more...]

Ol’ Skool Video Playback – Boyz II Men

Possibly one of my favorite songs from back in the day. Motown Philly was one of the highest rated songs when they released in back in 1990. This is why I loved it so much! … [Read more...]

December 13th – What Today Means To Me

Today marks a very special day for all Ismailis across the globe. This day is an auspicious day where we celebrate the birthday of our spiritual leader, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan - the man who has helped the entire community build, grow, aspire, unite and represent the core values of Islam - peace, humility and pluralism. has eloquently described how December 13th is a momentous day for all Ismailis. Uniting every Ismaili from continent around the globe, to celebrate the … [Read more...]

Liked the Blackberry. LOVE the IPhone.

I can't remember the last time I wished I had a Blackberry. When I came back to Calgary, Blackberry was the elite of the elite cellphone. If you had a Blackberry, you were top notch. High class. Among the top professionals in the marketplace. But that went on for only so long, until Blackberry failed to be proactive at their research. Design. Technology. Aesthetic feel. They solely banked their survival on BBM. It was then, when I found that their products just weren't doing justice for what … [Read more...]

The Power of Twitter & Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

December 12/2011 Everyone keeps asking why I'm such an avid Twitter user. What's is this Twitter business? Only Twits Tweet...Well, they may say what they say - but Twitter in my opinion, is one of the fastest and highest ranking Social Media angles to hit the market. Twitter gives you everything you could possibly want - Information on topics of interest. News around the globe. Inside details on celebrities you admire. Up to date scores in sports you follow. Happening events in … [Read more...]