Okotoks Honda

My World. My Life. My Passion. My Dream. My Father’s Legacy.
This is it. Okotoks Honda – my home for the past 7 years.
Building on all the blood, sweat and tears of my fathers’ hard work since 1992.

This magnificent dealership was created from scratch. Art drawings. Designs. Dealer visits. Thoughts. Inputs. Revisions. On Site WalkArounds. Blueprints. The Whole 9 Yards.
I vividly remember every step in the creation of Okotoks Honda. So many talks. So many design meetings. So many “out of the box” thinking modules – all to create one of the most state-of-the-art dealerships in Alberta. Brings so much joy and pleasure to have other Honda dealership reps come and visit our store for new concept designs and best practices. 2 years of homework resulted in this awesome store.

I remember contact AK for our design for the Okotoks Honda logo. But before that madness, I was sitting in the plane with Nadine – on the way back from a trip. Thinking. Processing. Creatively dreaming of what the logo should look like. So I took out 3 pieces of napkins and went crazy. My artistic side of me blew up. Napkins after napkins. Thoughts upon thoughts. Logos after logos. Nadine couldn’t even fahom what I was doing. I think it went for 2 hours until my hands froze. I got back to the store and scanned my top 5 after meeting with the staff. Sent them to AK and his hard work, diligent graphic design and needs assessment resulted in the unique, sleek and simple logo above. Proud. Honor. Pride. Heart. Soul. All wrapped up in 1.

I can’t seem to thank everyone who has supported me in my voyage with Okotoks Honda. IT still continues. Different times. Different spaces. Different strokes. But all with one vision – Success & the Premji legacy.
So to the Twitter World & the Honda world. I am here. For you. For whatever transportation needs you may have. You can only Discover the Difference with Okotoks Honda and me. Asif Premji.

Visit us here:

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