The ABC’s Of Life

Sometimes you just need to look at a picture to ground you. To remember to be Thankful for all the blessings you have. To remember to be Humble for you are never perfect. To remember to be Patient for others are not like you. Read. Understand. Practice. Inspire. Desire. Aspire. Merry Christmas Everyone. … [Read more...]

Stress At Work? Don’t Be Anymore With These Helpful Tips

Times are difficult right now. Pressure is on at work. Timelines to meet. Objectives to tackle. Meetings upon meetings. Performance reviews.  It doesn't stop. Day after day. So here is the magic questions: Did you take a moment for yourself? A quick walk? Healthy eating habits? Yoga? Work-out? Meditation? Prayer> If the answers to all above are simply silence - then that's okay. It's a sign to take control of your life and get back on track. I know I have to. So easy to preach - but … [Read more...]

That New Found Word – Gluten Free

So it's been quite an interesting ride. Gone up and down the health roller coaster. And I remember vividly, how healthy I once used to be - diligent at hitting the gym. Eating healthy. Proper sleeping patterns. But I just couldn't seem to control the stress. I still can't. But I know that I have been there. Many of us have. It's been a few months now that I was diagnosed that I couldn't consume any gluten, dairy, yeast, certain nuts and most importantly dairy. Yup - a massive change to my … [Read more...]