About AP

Hey BlogWorld.
My name is Asif Premji. The only one in this world.
This is who I am: Auto Enthusiast. Son. Husband. Son. Brother. Uncle. Friend. Singer. Artist. New Blogger. Mentor. Music Lover. Virgo. Trying to make my mark in this big world we live in.
This is what I believe in: Kindness. Truth. Faith. Spirituality. Love. Guidance. Honesty. Ethics. Strong Value System. Pluralism. God. Oneness. Family. Me.
This is why I am who I am: The core principles instilled in me from a very young age from my grandmother, father and mother will always be. The notions of keeping harmony, peace, tranquility, unity amongst family and friends are important. Sometimes being the nice guy doesn’t always reap benefits – but if my mother, grandmother and wife tell me to be – then I shall be. They say heaven is at the feet of your mother…so why wouldn’t I listen.

asifpremji.com sparked from the idea to offer the world the inside forces behind Asif Premji. The reasonings behind the notions of kindness and love, small or big and how it can change the world.
With so many ways to provide inspiration and motivation = to result in a smile, hug, wink, coffee, gift or a simple thank you, can create a world of brightness, life and love.
The most amazing part to these notions is that there are no paramters, no boundaries, no restrictions, no depths, no condition.
Whether kindness, love, help, generosity, charity or genuine niceness is done alone or a in a team – it’s all do-able if the world accepts it.
asifpremji.com gives everyone the chance to feed off what I have to offer. Take it or leave it.

I dedicate this whole creation of asifpremji.com to my pillar, my strength, my voice, my eyes, my heart, my love, my partner, my wife – Nadine Premji. Love you with my all.

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