A Better Way To Buying A Car

A Easier, Simpler and Efficient Method of Buying a Vehicle

Are you planning on buying or leasing a new Honda? If so, then make sure you get the best deal, best value with the best service. How?

I will find you the exact car you want and the price you deserve without the hassle of doing the same process at every store. Best Value & Price Guaranteed!

* Lowest Price anywhere in Alberta & Calgary

* Manufacturers’ interest rates & rebates still apply

*Finance, Lease, Cash – it doesn’t matter

Here Is How It Works

First and foremost, I have no tie with any third party company. This is an exclusive service from me and me only. Simply dedicated to eliminating the hassle of buying a vehicle and going through the process at different locations.

* I do not charge any up front fees. I simply ask for you to put your trust in me and helping your find the car right car with the right features all for the right price

* I use my years of experience in retail, sales and customer service knowledge to get you what you rightfully deserve

* All you have to do is simply talk with me, tell me what kind of vehicle and options you are looking for and Ill do the rest

* I have a full disclosure and transparent policy that allows you to know exactly how you are getting the fairest deal

* Upon you approving the deal, I will arrange the delivery time, process and procedure to make it easy for you. All paperwork, fees, taxes and agreements will be disclosed to you so that there are no surprises. Yup – it’s that simple.

* I guarantee that I eliminate the hassle, the haggling, the pressure and wasted time associated to finding the car you want

So there it is, the process that everyone wants, but cannot find. Email me right away at me@asifpremji.com so we can start the process immediately.

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