Customer Service in a Consumer Driven Market

When I first started developing and creating my website, the sole purpose was to get back to my creative nature. My deep thinking and the goal of making a name for myself.

My website started from a single source, a single philosophy, a single core principle and has slowly but surely been evolving since then.

The purpose of my entry today is to talk to all of you who are in a customer service industry. Whether it be restaurant, hotel, automotive dealerships or other retail franchises.

Our industries have evolved substantially. Consumers, at one point, used to depend on organizations and stores for information. Phone calls and walk-in traffic was rampant. It was at a time where Google, MSN, Bing or other resourceful tools weren’t predominantly available. Industry organizations and its people were in control. When consumers wanted info – we had it. When they wanted price – we had it. When they wanted value – we had it. When they wanted anything – we had it.

But now, it’s different. Consumers now have a sense of control. They have the power to utilize all resources that we once used to hold close to our chest. With sites now focused on deals, value and efficiency, consumers can now get what they want, how they want, at the price then want and when they want. All in their control. So I ask you? What can we do to help the process? Not stop it, but help it!
The only way in which businesses can help flourish the process is to understand that we are now in the market of Full Customer Service and Satisfaction. Customers of course demand good prices, added value etc. But more than anything, they demand Customer Service & Satisfaction. Thanks to the following infographic, from Business 2 Community, the image shows where we are and where we have come from.
What are you thoughts?

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