Lifetime Opportunities

Most of you will agree that 2011 has been a very challenging year. Economic downturn. Financial crisis. Natural disasters. Lives lost in many industries. Governmental chaos. Political clashes. Should I go on?

And with the trials and tribulations of 2011, we all must look in the mirror in the next few weeks and decide how 2012 will pan out. Many of us are arranging our priorities from a financial, personal, physical, academic, professional and mental perspective. Some will dedicate every ounce of their being to working out and eating healthy. Some will focus on increase quality time with their family and loved ones. Some may in fact, start investing into lucrative opportunities which, hopefully, will enrich their lives and add to their quality of lives. So forth and so on, the list will grow as 2012 approaches to being a better year than 2011.

So, why am I writing about what was and what will be? Well, as so many things are going on around the world, we must take time and congratulate everyone who has survived this challenging year. We fought. We battled. We shuffled. We strategize. We worked hard to get to this moment in our lives. This milestone. 2 weeks away from completing this chapter in our lives. And while some have failed. Some have succeeded or even have remained status quo – we all must understand that it is critically important to go through these valleys in order to get to the peaks – despite the feeling of no hope. No glimmer. No light. No success. No progression. But…there is faith.

Economists, traders, business mentors, Dragons etc…they all have mentioned something similar to the fact that the current economic times are tough and many organizations are not hiring. Rather firing. Employment rates are down – all which affect our livelihoods. So, many individuals ask – is it worth investing our time into business ventures. Is it worth investing our time into training. Is it worth our time investing into further education. Is it worth our time to join forces to make a business stronger and open doors for employment – so as to combat the so-called myth?

I thought about this hard. Since I am going through this right now. And part of me says no – because I am so low risk. But a part of me says yes. Yes because many resources such as the Census Bureau, say that an individual who earns the chance to invest into a business, or train, or educate or leverage resources will have a higher chance of success and other opportunities that one who simply stays put. Either you stick with the status quo. Or you take the risk and move towards something foreign to you. Or you dive into opportunities that seem so bleak – for the hope of a fantastic future. Many of us are at that fork in the road. So what do you do?

Let’s dig a little deeper into the advantages of lifetime opportunities or simply going through the motions of life. But before I continue – let me say that it is so easy to write. But extremely difficult to practice.

1. No doubt that there are incentives for those who have the chance to even get an opportunity. Remember, this opportunity can relate to business, education, training or even relationships.  But regardless of the fact, the incentive exists to have something you don’t have now. That requires fortitude. Vision. Foresight. Hope. Faith. Dedication. But that isn’t the only form of motivation to jump into these opportunities.

2. When an individual has an opportunity to progress in life – they must balance all factors and understand where they fit. They must say “What’s In It For Me“?  When can you do that – you will find the reasons of why these opportunities are best for you. For example: if you have the opportunity to invest into a business that seems to be sinking or dealing with the wrath of economic factors – think of what will happen with the reverse happens. Whatever goes down, must come up. The challenges, issues, problems and tribulations one must endure are learnings. One must learn about these things on a day-to-day basis. The very fact of having that opportunity is a blessing – because if you didn’t have it – then it would be lessons not learned. It is these learning that assist when the road to success is on an upward trend. Implement and utilize tools that assist in development and growth.

3. In this last quarter of 2011, I have listened to many speeches and podcasts of Grant Cardone, Joe Verde, Anthony Robbins. And through these educational tools and resources, I learned and realized so much about past, present and future economic and academic factors. First, our future requires hard work. Sacrifice. Gusto. Passion. Analytical thinking. Strategy. Social understanding. Knowledge. These attributes are leveraged among each and every industry in today’s knowledge society. We will be required to think ahead of current factors. A proactive vs. reactive approach. It is these attributes that will assist us in enhancing our current state of lives versus the way it was in historical events. For example: The BOOM time of 2007 leading into the introduction of the Great Recession of 2008 – what could we have done different to survive such a tornado and hurricane of uncontrollable economic factors.

I guess what  I am saying is that with 2012 quickly approaching – we need to be proactive in our thinking. Proactive in our strategies. Proactive in our beliefs and commitment for what we set out to do in the new year.  We all are facing a lifetime opportunity right now. In some way or form. We all are standing together at a cross-roads.  We all are looking for some sign to guide us on which route to take. But thinking, over and over, the optimistic nature and faith will conquer if you take the most difficult path. But isn’t the challenging path worth the pain? It may have not been up to now – but things will improve in the future. How could they not.

If any of us feel that not taking that tough path is worth it. Then don’t. That is your choice. But wha could you be missing out on? What could I be missing out on?

We all have a story to write. We are writing one right now. Every experience, challenge, defeat, success, pain, suffering, tear and laughs are the very same letters, words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters in our life story.  And every one of us, I guess, need to come to this point where we must make a decision. A decision that could fail or succeed. But I believe, that is in your control at the end of the day. To find that answer – dig deep. Dig deep inside you. Follow tha gut. Follow that sixth sense. Follow that passion. Follow that knowing that this is what you are destined to do. School, Business, Job, Marriage, Relationships…whatever. Here is the risk. I know I am facing it.

If we just stay put – we could be missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do you? I don’t know if I want to? Assess the risk. Assess your gut. Assess your life. Assess your WIFM. Because at the end of the day – What’s In It For Me will guide to you.

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