The Power of Twitter & Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

December 12/2011

Everyone keeps asking why I’m such an avid Twitter user. What’s is this Twitter business? Only Twits Tweet…Well, they may say what they say – but Twitter in my opinion, is one of the fastest and highest ranking Social Media angles to hit the market.

Twitter gives you everything you could possibly want – Information on topics of interest. News around the globe. Inside details on celebrities you admire. Up to date scores in sports you follow. Happening events in cities…and so much more!

It’s been 2 years that I have been on Twitter and I must say that I couldn’t go without it. Yeah, so I may not have the highest number of followers, or the highest amount of tweets – but I know for sure that my tweets are relative, engaging and useful. To the point that I am lucky to have been responded and tweeted to from the likes of Brian Mcknight, Boyz II Men, Ali Sweeney, NeYo, Starbucks, Shopping Malls like The Core, Chinook Centre, Southcenter Mall and more…why? Because I must have expressed or said something that captured the audience in which I follow. Something relative and in relation to something the audience tapped into.

Nevertheless, if you don’t understand me and my methodologies – then maybe this infographic will give you some added info.

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