Liked the Blackberry. LOVE the IPhone.

I can’t remember the last time I wished I had a Blackberry. When I came back to Calgary, Blackberry was the elite of the elite cellphone. If you had a Blackberry, you were top notch. High class. Among the top professionals in the marketplace.

But that went on for only so long, until Blackberry failed to be proactive at their research. Design. Technology. Aesthetic feel. They solely banked their survival on BBM.
It was then, when I found that their products just weren’t doing justice for what I wanted.
I had a Blackberry and an Ipod. 2 technological devices with me at all time. I thought, “There has to be a way to streamline my tech life”.

I then started researching Apple and the iPhone. Long story short. I loved it when I got it. I loved it even more when I touched it. I admired it further when I started playing and using it. And I haven’t looked back. Year after year – I have upgraded. the 3 to the 3GS to the 4 and now the 4S.

So I thought, how can I indirectly convince Blackberry Users to switch over to the iPhone?
Here is how. Read my top 10 reasons why I think IPhone is the end all and be all of mobile devices.

#10 Maps
I love the fact that there’s Maps built into my iPhone. Anywhere your destination will be – Maps will get you there. Streeview. Airview – doesn’t matter. It does all you really need. I know that there are far more superior Map Apps available in the App Store (Ex: Garmin, TomTom etc..) but for something simple to use and functional for any reason, Apple Google Maps is awesome for your travelling and destination needs.

#9 Two Cameras
The addition of a front-facing camera to the iPhone 4 has made a big difference in the overall experience. Facetime is an obvious use for it, but I am also look forward to using it with Skype. And for those moments when you want to be the cover of an Apple magazine – you can use the front facing camera for self-portraits. Lastly, with the 4S – the upgraded megapixel camera with its added editing features is awesome for making your photos unique.

#8 Multitasking
This was a definite added feature I loved when the iPhone came out. Especially when I got used to it when I had the BB. All you really need to get used to is double-pressing the home button to multitask. I am sure this will improve over the generations of the iPhones. I was pleased to note that in iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, Apple seems to have done a better job at the simplicity of its added accessibility gestures for multitasking.

#7 Home Screen Wallpaper
Love this feature!!! Awesome UI and personalization to my iPhone. Everyone takes those pictures that they adore. Especially when you edit them in the new 4S. I love being able to add my own wallpaper to my home screen and lock screen. The retina display, of course, brightens the screen considerably compared to the traditional iPhone 3 and 3GS. If you’re not a big picture taker, there are tons of Retina Wallpaper apps that allow you to customize your home screen and lock screen independently.

#6 Retina Display
Talking about Retina Display in #5, this feature is probably one of the most highly added features the 4 and 4S came out with. For those of you who read ebooks on iPhones, or love the crisp and clear images the Iphone can generate, then you will love this feature. When I first heard about the “retina display” feature, I actually thought that it was a simple gimmick to increase the likeness of users towards the display of the iPhone. That perhaps the small tweak made from the 3GS to the 4 and now the 4S was a method to increase great reviews of the sharpness of the phone. Well, was I wrong. The Retina Display is ridiculously sharp, and makes a huge difference when surfing, reading, playing, typing or just loving the iPhone 4. It definitely is one of my favorite things about the iPhone 4. Once you have it, any other phone, screen or mobile device doesn’t compare.

#5 iMovie
Let me clarify. iMovie isn’t really a OEM feature of the phone. Rather an appp you need to purchase from the App Store. Maybe a little pricey for some of you at $4.99, but let me tell you, it is an amazing app for those of you who like to make your own videos with full personal touches and editing. Although I am no video aficionado, I’ve used the app a few times making videos about Okotoks Honda contests and found the UI to be incredibly easy and fun to use on my iPhone 4.

#4 Better Photos
Overtime, the camera on the IPhones have improved. Significantly. Dating back to the iPhone 3 – the camera was simple. Low mega pixels, low-end zooming and no flash. But Steve Jobs was always working on ways to make the Camera state of the art for each iPhone released. When the iPhone 4S 5 megapixel camera (with LED flash) was released, it made a great difference for me and all iPhone users out there. You actually don’t even need a digital camera now. You have it all in your iPhone. Zoom. Front facing. Rear Facing. Flash. Editing. HD. Panoromic. Everything.

#3 HD Video
Just like above, the video software on the iPhones have ameliorated over time. The video from the 3G was basic. Simple and not difficult. Now, the 4S’s ability to let me take HD videos at 30 FPS is one of the things I like the most about it. Added feature on the 4S includes the anti-shaking feature which allows for smooth video viewing and recording. Example: when I went to the Michael Jackson Immortal Concert – dancers were all around. Lights flashing. People jumping. Using the 4S video was outstanding. Not one shake. Not one blur. I almost felt like a professional videographer. The iPhone 4’s ability to take such great video is the final nail in the coffin of my Sony digital camera.

#2 iMessage
Goodbye BBM. Hello Imessage. I can’t believe how many people swear up and down on BBM. And all I can say is that the technology behind BBM is an upscale, steroid filled text messaging software that gives users the ability to see read and delivered messages…PLUS pinging each other. IMessage does the exact same thing. Instant messages. Free to use from IPhone to IPhone. The technology behind the system is outstanding, quick and fast. If you love BBM, you will adore IMessage. No apps needed. NO Pins need. Just an iPhone and you’re ready to go. OH..forgot to mention that you need IOS5 to use it. But most iPhone users have already upgraded to the new software.

#1 Folders
THe best among the best. Folders. People laugh at me when they see that I only have 1 page on my iPhone. They ask me how. And all I can say is Organization + Folders = iPhone 4 and 4S. We have all waited a long, long time for folders. Many users got fed up with pages upon pages of apps and icons. So when Steve and his team release Folders, it made life so easy for accessing certain apps for certain themes. All you need to do is set up folders on your iPhone. Put applicable apps in applicable theme folders and life becomes so much more simpler.

Hope that makes sense. Now…the rest is up to you. Go to your nearest carrier location and upgrade to the best mobile device yet – iPhone 4S.

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