That New Found Word – Gluten Free

So it’s been quite an interesting ride. Gone up and down the health roller coaster.
And I remember vividly, how healthy I once used to be – diligent at hitting the gym. Eating healthy. Proper sleeping patterns. But I just couldn’t seem to control the stress. I still can’t.
But I know that I have been there. Many of us have.

It’s been a few months now that I was diagnosed that I couldn’t consume any gluten, dairy, yeast, certain nuts and most importantly dairy. Yup – a massive change to my eating pattern.

And if you are there right now, I can totally empathize with you and the many thoughts go through your mind.  You think, “How can I possibly live gluten-free?” “What does this exactly mean?”
Well, to be honest – it’s the time where you will go through another roller coaster – but a ride that includes frustration, temptation, fear with so many more emotions.  And that’s okay.

Here are some of my emotions:
1. One of the biggest frustrations was (and still is) is people commenting “Just have X today. Once in a while is okay. Nothing will happen!” (“x” being gluten-filled object) or “What’s gonna happen. You’re not going to die, right?”
2. In order for them to understand, you have to constantly tell them “NO”.
3. What alot of people don’t understand or realize is that gluten is poison to us. It creates a certain level of havoc in our lives. Stomach pains. Rashes. Hives and so many other side effects.
4. Many of us are fortunate to realize what has been making us feel so crappy for so long. The challenge now is to make sure we can control it!
5. It is extremely challenging to resist the temptations. I know I haven’t. I’ve indulged in the donuts. The treats. The sweet desserts etc…And let me tell you – the after effects are torture.
6. Here is my suggestion – DONT INDULGE. Once you feed that stuff to your body – it will crave it even more than when you used to eat it. The Gluten Filled food then becomes withdrawals – always wanting to cheat. To indulge. To taste. To nibble – but it doesn’t matter. If you care so much about your health – you HAVE to resist it.
7. So tell those around you; those that just don’t get it that the reason why you don’t eat that stuff is the same reason why they wouldn’t eat poison, which in fact is like to us.

So what happens as you go through the motions of trying to be disciplined? Well, you reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Better skin complexions. Better sleeping patterns. Better health choices. It’s great. You feel great. Life is great. Yoru body is great.

Now, when you get to the point of finding challenges while eating out, then think again! There are countless times tha I have dined out successfully and have had significantly better service, food choices and meals. Remember that every restaurant has Gluten Free choices. Don’t think for a second they don’t. These high sensitive food allergies are more apparent in today’s society – focusing on a healthier lifestyle and choosing the right foods for you.

As my first blog, I know realize how in-depth you can get by just writing. But there is plenty of time for that. For now, I’ve thought about sharing some of the best ideas for tips and lessons I have learned to share about being newly diagnosed as highly food sensitive, Celiac or gluten-free.  While I have many personal tips/suggestions, I have found some great sites to help through-out the process. Here is an example of one:

Thanks for taking time to read my first blog.
As I got welcomed into the Gluten Free world and living. I welcome you too! It’s a crazy ride It’s a heck of a ride and if you can keep to it. Then you will feel so much better. If you get off the tracks – find the courage to stop. Breathe. Focus and get right back on. That’s what I am trying to do right now…Good luck!

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